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Emailed Note Published as a Public Url

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I have written to Evernote support, but did not get any response so far. Posting it here, so someone could help me.


I clicked on a note in Evernote ( Share-> Email ) to send an important note with an attachment (on Android) to my email address, since I could not open the attachment on android. I was not expecting it to be posted as a public URL. 


But to my shock, a minute later I received an email with a public evernote url . I was shocked, because the note had very confidential information.


I deleted the link as fast as I could find a way to do it, took me about 10 mins or so.

My concern is - during the time that it was posted as a public Url, could it have been captured or archived by any web crawlers and such.

Even after I deleted the share at my end, when I went back to search for notes as "sharedate:*", I could still see the note. I then deleted the note, just to make sure.


Should I be concerned about the few minutes that the link was alive ? 


Is there a way to permanently delete (from archives as well) all shared links that were posted from my account ?


Also a suggestion : I went back later to the Share->Email link and noticed a rather obscure text  at the top stating that the link is open to all. It is very easy to miss. This should be a more conspicuous prompt requiring confirmation from the user before proceeding. 


Thank you for your advice and help.

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I'd say the chances of your note having been accessed in the brief time the details were 'open' are comfortably less than the chance someone might gain access to your notebooks at some point if you lost your Android device.  As reassurance you might try searching for any unique words or phrases in your document to see whether you can find it on the web - it's astronomically unlikely.  If you have now deleted the note,  any links to it no longer exist - just make sure its gone from the 'Trash' notebook on all your devices.

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