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Window Location problem when taskbar on left of screen


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Every time a note is opened, it opens shifted to the left - somewhere between 90 and 130 pixels - compared to last location. You only have to open a few notes and they start to disappear off the screen.


This happens when the Windows taskbar is on the left of the screen. It doesn't seem to happen when the taskbar is at the bottom.


This didn't used to be a problem; once a window was positioned and closed, it re-opened at the same place.


This seems to be a recently introduced bug. Every time I open a note, I have to drag it to the right. Please fix as this is driving me nuts.


Thank you,




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Thank you for that. I run support for a large web-based product so I know what it is like dealing with competing customer issues.


Given that this looks to be a recent change and was probably work related to fixing the display location of window opening, but was probably not tested on a left-hand taskbar. I can certainly understand that, easy to miss if you don't use a particular config yourself.


Hopefully, a real easy fix. My estimate: 99% finding the right line of code, then a two-line change :)


Best regards, Dave

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