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combined backup/mobility solution



ok - i made sure this configuration (understandably unsupported) was stable for over a month before taking time to post about it...


This solution is for those of you looking for a combined backup and mobility strategy who have a need to use the full-powered client (particularly due to Note Links).  I personally use my iOS clients 70% of the time.


My MacBook has 2 HD partitions:  one for Mac OS X and another for DATA.  The entire HD is backed up using Time Machine on a Time Capsule.   I have an 32GB SD for backups.


I created an encrypted disk image (sparse bundle so it's Time Machine friendly) on my DATA partition that mounts to /Volumes/Evernote - I moved the contents of my root Evernote directory to this volume.   I made sure everything is synced, quit Evernote.app before ejecting the disk image.


I copied the disk image to my SD.   now my Evernote DB is portable.   it's just a matter of creating a symlink in the host user directory to the mount on whatever host machine I use.   I tried this on another Macbook and it works fine.


As for a redundant semi-live backup: instead of copying the entire disk image. you can mount the disk imagine on the SD and Evernote has no idea if the disk image is hosted on the data partition or the SD.   do a sync, quit the application and voila!  u have a database that is up-to-date, mobile (esp if you use a microSD), ready to use on another computer with little to no wait time.


hope this is useful for those of you out there seeking mobility freedom ;-)


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