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To Do List Improvements

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Evernote is quite useful for me for to-do lists, but I have two suggestions:

  • At times I only want to see open items in a list - those not checked off. I have researched the various ways to filter for these but they all seem rather cumbersome. The task list feature of the calendar add-on to Thunderbird has a more elegant solution: A "Show" menu with various options, two of which are "Completed Tasks" and "Incomplete Task." All the others are dependent on schedule, and are also useful.
  • I rally like being able to indent groups of to-do items, creating subsets of tasks. It would be really nice to be able to "close up" those groups so that I only see the top-level item and whether it is complete or not. Then I can expand an individual group as necessary to see the detailed items that are open.

i listed these under category "Other" as I use Evernote on both my Windows laptop and iOS devices. The multiple platform support is the reason I prefer Evernote over other options.

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The Windows, web and Android clients all have a reminder list (not available in list view for Windows or web, unfortunately) that displays reminders separately from the notes in the list. You can set the reminder list to not show completed items in all of these clients. You can also sort by due date / title. I can't comment on the Mac or iOS clients.

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