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Feature Request - Pin Notes to Taskbar Icon


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The title says it all, it would be great to be able to pin notes (like you do with files in File Explorer or links in Chrome) directly to the Evernote taskbar icon.

Currently there are only "Tasks" options like New Note but it definitely has space to be able to pin individual notes (or even tags or notebooks).



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OK, here's a work-around for pinning a specific note directly to the taskbar. A lot of steps, but it works:

  1. Create a folder for your Taskbar items. I put used c:\users\<name>\Documents\Taskbar
  2. Create a text file ending in .exe such as EN.exe
  3. Right-click on the file and select Pin to Taskbar. You'll see a new item on your taskbar.
  4. In Evernote, find the note you want, and select "Copy Note Link" with the Ctrl key pressed (forces an internal link)
  5. Go back to the folder, and create a new shortcut.
  6. Paste in the Note Link and use the same name as your fake exe file
  7. Go to c:\users\<name>\AppDate\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\User Pinned\TaskBar (I put a shortcut to this in my Taskbar folder)
  8. Right-click on the item added, and change the ".exe" to ".url". (assumes you named both files the same).
  9. You can right-click on the shortcut to change the icon.
  10. To get the icon to work and look right, you may need to get restart or right-click on the Taskbar and open the Task Manager and then right-click on Windows Explorer and select Restart.

This is not as elegant as the nice lists that appear for other applications, such as Word, IE, etc., but it will work for a few items.


I've got my Taskbar set to small icons and to only combine icons when the taskbar is full. I also remove the taskbar labels. Do a Google search for "Windows remove taskbar label" to find the registry changes needed to do this.

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