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Evernote training in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


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Hi all


I'm running half-day training sessions how to maximise the use of Evernote to increase productivity, reduce paper clutter, and save time and money by getting organised on the go. I am an experienced trainer based in Brisbane.


If you answer yes to any of these statements, this course is for you.
I am
  • a knowledge worker struggling with information overload
  • a student who needs a better way of managing my studies and course content
  • a sole trader or small business owner looking for a simple, cost-effective  solution
  • a medium-sized business owner or administrator looking for ways to streamline my business processes
  • someone who just wants to be more organised
I don't want to
  • swim in mountains of paperwork
  • flounder in a deluge of information
  • dread tax time 
  • be overwhelmed by hordes of emails
I want to 
  • explore ways of becoming more productive and organised  personally and at work
  • explore and discover the benefits of going paperless
  • learn more about "the cloud" and how it can help me
  • explore better ways to use Evernote

For more info and to register, check out www.prodee.biz

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