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Skitch PDFs get quarantined by anti-virus software


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I am having an issue when I edit a PDF in Skitch on my iPad. The editied PDF file will get quarantined by symantec anti-virus on my work email.


Here is my work flow:

  • Save a PDF to evernote and open on iPad
  • From Evernote - "Open in Skitch" on iPad 
  • Make edits to pdf and Share PDF back to evernote
  • Email that note from evernote using business email account
  • The recipient and myself get a quarantined message from symantec stating the followingSymantec Mail Security replaced 82B53E56-03D9-4579-8E99-BCF8C0F0B734.pdf with this text message.  The original file was unscannable and was quarantined.

If I send the pdf from my personal gmail account, it works fine. But that isn't possible when at work and need to send PDFs to clients. I have no way of adjusting the anti-virus settings at work, so that isn't an option. Image files edited in Skitch work fine and have no issues with my work email only edited PDFs.


I was just wondering if anyone has had this issue and knew of a work around. I'd like to be able to do this in one flow on my iPad. I also use the windows and mac desktop clients but they both have the same issues when sending the edited PDFs.


Thanks for your help,




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