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Semi-Lost Mobile Picture Notes

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OK... I've sort have seen this behavior on and off over time, but think I have nailed down enough details to pass them along and hope someone has a solution or there is enough detail for someone to work with. I still can't reproduce it on demand, but the "pattern" has finally emergerd.


Android Widget (if you want details, Note 2, Sprint, unmodded, unrooted). 


Take a picture note when there is little to no signal. Then "save it" (the note will have that little pending synch flag in the corner).


Come back a day later or so, when you remember something is supposed to be there.


No note.


The pic is in the local evernote folder in the phone gallery (which I occasionally empty since everything is supposed to be in sync), but there is no trace of the note.


Glad I have got the pic, but...



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After you've taken the pic and when you come back to it "a day or so later" what's the Note 2 been doing in the meantime?  Do you power it off,  leave it on standby or what?  I agree it's annoying the note detail is gone,  but the answer seems to be to make sure you sync your N2 every day especially if you may not be using it again for a while...

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Nothing extraordinary. Generally, the phone is set to sync whenever it bloody well feels like it (I'm generous like that, lol)--auto-sync in background is on, I don't limit it to wifi, and standard sync it is set to every 60 min.


I generally don't turn it off and I don't recall turning it off or running out of battery.The most recent example would be I was in a Home Depot and I had an order of Burpee seeds-n-stuff I was going to buy online sitting in my "online" basket "at home" (hmmm....) and I saw a seed packet at Home Depot I wanted to add to the order (a bit of what they call show rooming that retailers hate I guess). took a product pic so I could remember what I wanted  and what variety to add to the order. The signal in that store is always dicey and I DON'T use the guest wifi there.


When I was skimming pics I saw the seed packet in my evernote gallery folder, which prompted me to ask... Well, where was that note again? And the note wasn't! First few times it happened I chalked it up to user error and not pressing the check mark. Now I press than dang check mark and make sure the symbol is there so it is queued up.


Admittedly, a rare occurrence that is a head scratcher but I have been able to pin down some kind of pattern. 

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