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Any news on Windows (Desktop) Search?


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Time is flying, and so I am wondering whether and when good old desktop search is coming to Windows 7/8?

Communication by EN was that it is on the agenda. I do know that EN does not publish roadmap. However, desktop search was a major feature in earlier versions of EN. It is highly annoying to have to search in 2 places, Windows search as well as Evernote.


Thanks for some information, EvB.

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There hasn't been news since at least 2011.

Either their roadmap has this well into the future (after integrating Evernote into the grand unified theories of the universe) or it just isn't going to happen.


Yup.  No way for us to know if any feature is on the roadmap (and if it is, where it is on that roadmap) or if it has been dismissed. Nothing really surprising here.

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