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chrome Mac/ Chrome Web Clipper Work Flow Optimization


Hey everybody,


As far as I can tell, the web clipper still still lacks the smooth complete keyboard / tab through functionality of the old version. But I'd like to throw my workflow out there to make sure I'm not just missing a step. My goal is to be able to clip completely from start to finish, including selecting notebook, editing subject, and tagging. However, its still clunky, and I still can't get all the way through without a mouse click.


Oh, and by the way, this flow is now resulting, after one or two clips, in the "can not parse" error in gmail, and I have to close chrome and restart to get it working again.


For my specific purposes in the case, I'm clipping a note to gmail that I want to edit the subject of the note, select the notebook, add three tags, and then save.


1) Custom clipper shortcut control - n to activate clipper

2) There is no way that I can tell to edit the subject right away, so I have to use shift - TAB to tab back to the subject. Edit subject.

3) TAB to notebook - edit notebook

4) TAB to tags - edit tags. I have to type the tag, use the DOWN key, then hit enter for every tag. That extra down key really disrupts the flow of this process.

5) Mouse click to save - no way to save with keyboard shortcut that I can tell once I've gotten through these steps.


Input / feedback appreciated. Keyboard workflows are key for me.




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For me, what's missing the most when I clip emails (gmail):


6) Close web clipper (Chrome) after the clipping is finished. Need to use the mouse which drives me nuts. Fortunately can click anywhere on the gmail window and the panel closes, but wish I Escape worked.




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