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Queuing up a bunch of notes to read out loud on my commute

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A lot of times I've clipped a bunch of interesting articles that I don't have time to read during the day.  Since I have a long commute, I'm wondering if there's any way to queue up those articles and have them read out loud during my commute (driving)?


I already looked into Evernote Clearly but it's too cumbersome to set up..  and I don't think you can queue up notes to be read.  This is a problem as I cannot be bothered to interact with my device to pick another note to read during my commute.


Does any Evernote extension or 3rd party app exist that can put my Evernote notes into a sort of "playlist" and have them read out loud?  


For example, something like a Siri clone should work..  I'll put all the notes I want read out loud in a single notebook and instruct the Siri clone to read everything in that notebook.

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I don't see how Clearly is "cumbersome to set up" - it doesn't do what you want it to,  because it's designed to read live web pages,  not store them for later.  I can't think of any app that will do this - if you find one please let us know!

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Pocket is a great app that I use, but I am not sure it will read articles out loud to the user. It does put articles into a readable format and have them available without a data connection and makes a good transfer to Evernote. 

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