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Snapscan Evernote Scanner - Can it create separate PDF files?


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Just purchase the new Snapscan Evenote scanner and a Snapscan s1300i.  On the s1300i I can tell the manager to take a multipage input and create a separate PDF file for each page; but I cannot find a way to do the same on the Snapscan Evernote.  I know there must be a way; but have not found it yet.  Can someone help.  Thanks

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If you stack and feed multiple pages and hit the button - then all those pages are assumed to be one document and create a single PDF.

You can feed a page, hit the button - this will create a single page pdf (or 2 page pdf, depending on whether or not your scanning front and back).  Doing this multiple times gets you multiple PDFs. I've not found a more efficient way.


The converse is available though - you can have it "group" multiple pages which were individually scanned (press of the button on each page/pages) into one PDF.

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Saw another post which suggested separating pages with a business card or receipt....

I tried this and it did separate the pages into separate documents...  not as good as having a setting to specifically do this, but maybe a better workflow.

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Haven't used the Evernote special,  but in my version of ScanSnap S1500 there's a 'ScanSnap Manager' app that allows me to choose between diiferent file types,  resolutions and a variety of other things including many pages = one file or many pages = many files.  As a quick workaround though the idea of dropping different sized paper in as a file separator seems OK - you could use your own business cards,  or anything else you have several of - if they're a standard content you can then find and kill the superfluous notes quickly.  Might be an idea to scan to a local notebook too - move the files you need across to a synced notebook and save your upload limit for the stuff you'll want to keep.

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