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Android - enable stacks for joined notebooks

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We can put joined notebooks into stacks in the windows desktop.  It would be very helpful from an organization point of view to be able to stack joined notebooks in Android.  Makes finding what you want much simpler.  Keeps seldom used ones out of the way.



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Couldn't you use the web interface or desktop client to add the notebooks to a stack? After syncing all clients this organization would be reflected on all of them. 

It seems like that would work, however it does not.  I have them stacked in the desktop, but on my Android Tablet, they are all listed under joined notebooks.

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On the Android client, joined notebooks are kept in a separate list from your personal notebooks (and Business notebooks have their own list as well). The separate notebook lists do not commingle, so you can't stack personal notebooks and joined notebooks as you can on the Windows client. This is similar to the web client, by the way. Existing stacks are maintained in the personal notebook list, but joined notebooks are moved into the separate list.


I'd prefer things to be the way that they are on the Windows client.

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