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Feature request - better resizing of edit area (Win7 client)


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When editing a note in Windows EN client application, resizing the edit area is real pain. First, resizer is not marked by anything and thus is practically invisible until you hover over it with mouse (usually applications use specific icon or at least color to mark the resizer, why EN does not?) and second, resizer is incredibly small even when there is actually enough space for it to sit in.


In the image bellow, I colored current resizer in red. I propose that this resizer should be much bigger (get more height so it occupies whole white stripe under the scroll bar) and also that it should be themed in a way that everyone can recognize it immediately.




This resizing is actually quite important for me - when I am looking for a certain note in a notebook, I need upper area to be big, whereas when I am editing a note, I want lower area to be big. I hope this makes sense.


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Two things that you might try:


* Vertical List View : this rearrange the UI by taking the List View from over the note panel and moving it into the same area that's used by Snippet and Card views. You can toggle between horizontal and vertical List View using the Ctrl+Shift+F5 shortcut key. This will allow you to utilise all of the vertical space available in the Evernote program.


* Edit the note in a separate window : When you select the note in your List View, double-click on it to open the note in a separate window. 

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thank you for the hint, I wasn't aware of vertical layout.


But still the same problem - resizing is designed for super-humans. At least for me it was like ten seconds of chasing the ultra thin resizer of vertical layout before I successfuly grabbed it and made the pane bigger so I could see names of my notes and not just create and change date. I guess it is only one pixel wide and that IS small.


I would really appreciate if developers make both horizontal and vertical resizing user-friendly (because now it is REALLY unfriendly) I don't think this is extra difficult. \


I know this is just a stupid moaning, but why would anyone take time to design his own scrollbars (what is wrong with standard windows scrollbars?) and then not take time to design resizers in order to make them at least a little usable. IMHO this is a fail of EN developers :-)

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