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Evernote Premium Not Loading

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Yesterday, I purchased Evernote Premium and it did not load.  I purchased it a second time for safe measure and still nothing. I attempted to open a support ticket, but that funtion is not working either!  The required topic drop down is not functional.  This has been a very frustrating experience!



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That sounds frustrating. I am particularly puzzled as to why the support function isn't working. That's certainly not good. However, I was not able to reproduce the problem you were experiencing with the dropdown menu. Could it be that you forgot to select something in the first dropdown, thus preventing the second dropdown from being activated?


There is not much that we, fellow users, can do to directly help you but I've flagged this post for Evernote staff. Hopefully this will get the ball rolling for you. 



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Sorry about the delay in getting to your post--I see that we've properly upgraded your account in support, and apologies again on having to wait for your Premium upgrade after purchase. I'll check into the reported issue concerning topic dropdown in our ticket submission tool.

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