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Palm detection/rejection in Android Handwriting update

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I am using a Nexus 7 (2013) version and I am having a lot of problems with this new feature - to the point where I am frustrated with its uselessness.


My primary issue is that on the tablet, being a larger screen, I rest my palm and that's when it all goes to hell.


The app does not detect ANY scribbles from stylus or finger if my palm has made contact. Rather I get a horrible mess of stuff under my hand.


The other half of the time as I write, my palm and hand move around to the point where I hit the soft-buttons on the bottom of the screen such as home, back and menu/alt+tab. And then Evernote closes on me.



I have tried using an Adonit Jot mini stylus as well as as a cheapo thicker end stylus both with same results. And my finger.


If I do not place my palm on the tablet, everything works, but unreadable because who writes without stabilising their hand on the page/tablet?



So what gives - everyone else is overjoyed with this feature, but it is useless for me.



Looking for constructive suggestions please - please do not suggest I don't rest my palm on the screen... I am also not interested in taking notes on my phone in a meeting.


What are other peoples experiences with this on a tablet??

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