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Is simultaneous Audio recording actually possible with Handwriting support now? How?

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Say you’re in chemistry class. You should be able to type everything that the professor says, draw a chemical structure, type some more, all while recording audio from the lecture.

http://blog.evernote.com/blog/2014/03/05/handwriting-arrives-evernote-android/ (emphasis mine)


Maybe I missed something but can you actually take handwritten notes while recording audio notes at the same time? How?


I am able to record audio but then I have to back out of that while drawing the diagrams/charts in lecture. I am also able to type notes on my galaxy note while audio is recording, but that doesn't help with the figures. It wastes time to have to carry a separate notebook just to copy the figures down, and then later go back and scan them into the note.


Handwriting would be useful if I could actually record the professor's lecture while drawing the diagrams into the note. If I have to pause/stop the audio recording while drawing - that sort of defeats the purpose. A lot of the time the diagram is being changed as he draws and having his explanation recording simultaneously with my copying the diagrams down is really important to understanding the material. If I have to pause/stop audio, in order to copy the figures, I've missed the explanations, which bring sense to the figures. And with how fast he talks + erases/redraws, there's no way to copy both the figures & the explanation so audio recording is very important.

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I saved a drawn note with an audio element after about 10 seconds experimentation - 


Start a new note

  • Choose handwriting
  • Use the "<" on the top menu to return to choices
  • (You'll have a handwriting screen displayed too)
  • Choose record and watch the time count start
  • Draw on the screen while recording.

I don't see how you'd be able to capture complicated drawings that change quickly in such a way that you could relate the audio track to them - that's a movie,  not a drawing;  but you can draw pictures or make handwritten notes.

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Thanks but that is exactly what I tried initially and for some reason the audio stops recording the moment I started drawing. I tested it by reading out loud while I was typing & drawing - the notes I was typing were recorded but the audio didn't record while I was handwriting.

I think it might be because of some error with handwriting (at least on my device) because parts of a few of my normal handwritten notes disappeared from my device & even my note history on those notes disappeared. I submitted a support ticket so we'll see.

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