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Evernote loads but does no respond

Evan S

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I have Windows 8.1 and Evernote Everything was fine until the last Windows update a few days ago.

Now, Evernote loads and an error window pops up and states:


Evernote.exe encountered a problem and needs to close. Sorry for ......

To help us diagnose this error and improve this software we created an error report that you can send us.


It asks me to type in the box what I did just before this happened.

I also had switched to Desktop view but just switched back today and rebooted.

Evernote started without the error window but after 10 seconds, the error window came back up.

I also have Scanner Pro on my iPhone and the other day I gave it permission to access my Evernote app on the Desktop where I'm having this issue.

Everything was fine before all this.

I also have Evernote on my iPhone and it works fine.


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I had the same issue where Evernote loads but does not respond. In fact an error window pops up and states this. Also, the pop-up window asks the user to state what they were doing before this happened.

I resolved this issue by UPGRADING to the latest version.

Hope this helps.

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