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Automate generation of thumbnails of attached PDFs (Mac)



Here is my issue:

1) I use Evernote as my paperless document management system for managing the family office.

2) to do so, I scan all incoming mail to PDFs that are automatically uploaded to Evernote's main Inbox

3) from there I review them, name and tag them appropriately and decide what if anything needs to be done (and define alerts if needed)

4) I then use IFTTT to generate a todo in my external todo list on my phone

5) now , when I am on my iPad, or my phone, I have to download the pdfs in order to recognize them. It would be great if I had a thumbnail embedded into the note representing the first page of the attached PDF as those are shown immediately without downloading.

Question: is there a way (e.g. By using Automator or an Applescript) to automatically generate a thumbnail of an attached PDF and put into the (otherwise empty) note???

Thanks a lot for any creative ideas!



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It turns out it is quite easy to convert the first page of a PDF into an image from the command line:

sips -s format png original.pdf --out test.png


or if you want the image to be slightly smaller:

sips -s format png original.pdf --out test.png --resampleHeight 500


You can write an applescript to save the PDF to a temporary directory, run the command line above and copy the new image back into the note.

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