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Outlook Calender Clipped to Evernote

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Does anyone know a way of clipping an entire day's schedule from Outlook into Evernote.


I can clip individual meetings that I have, so that i can then add notes about the meeting etc,  However in the world of going paperless I want to clip my daily schedule into a note book and then be able to add commnets/notes as I do today with paper and pen, i can do this already in another note taking tool.  My current method involves either creating a PDF or picture of my daily calender and pasting into Evernote?


Any ideas on how to do this?

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Don't think there is a way to do this other than as a screen grab..  You could look at alternative ways to keep your schedule  - having each meeting as an Evernote note forinstance with reminders or altered 'created date' entries.

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