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(Archived) Error: A newer version of Evernote is already installed


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Hi all,  I'm running the Windows EN client on my Yoga 2 Pro.  I subscribe to the beta updates.  I have a notice, after manually checking for updates, that Evernote 5.2.1 Public (271108) is ready to be installed.  When I select "OK", I get an error that says "a newer version of Evernote is already installed.  Please uninstall the installed version manually if you wish to install this version. "


I checked Help > About and the version my client says its running is  So it seems as though I am running a much higher version. So I'm not quite sure why I would be prompted to install 5.2.1 when I check for updates.





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Yep, I noticed that this morning too. Probably shouldn't try to update to a version with a smaller version number. I run the betas often, and I don't recall seeing this situation before.

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Same problem here. I cancelled the installation. If I check for updates I get the message that Evernote 5.2.1 Public (271108) is ready to be installed. I am already running (270999) Pre-release.

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5.2.1 Public (271108) is being offered. (270999) Prerelease is installed.


[queue the music: one of these version numbers is not like the others, some of these versions numbers are kinda the same... can you guess which one is not like the others, before my song is done.]

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Same problem here! Just haqppened a few minutes ago. The update window was onscreen when I woke up my monitor. I don’t know exactly which version it mentioned but the latest update setup file in my ..Evernote Files\Autoupdate folder is "Evernote_5.2.1.3108.exe". Got that same error pop-up and I canceled the installation. (Windows 7x64 wanted to try again). My current version is  (270999) Prerelease.


Oddly there are two release notes files in the Autoupdate folder: The file named "ReleaseNotes.html" show the latest version as, while the file named "CurrentReleaseNotes.html" show the latest as Both of those files have today's date as the file_date.


I must say, Evernote uses the most illogical, difficult to understand software release management/versioning protocol I have ever seen! It appears to be out of control IMO.



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Hello folks, apologies for this. 5.2.1 is a bugfix release that includes a crashfix and sync fixes that we wanted to push out to the general public, but we had already pushed out a 5.3.0 beta. Numbers are hard somtimes.


We'll be pushing out a 5.3.0 beta soon that will allow you to easily upgrade that includes all of the bugfixes in 5.2.1


If you run into sync issues or a crash and would like to try 5.2.1 out, you can go to Control Panel and manually uninstall Evernote. Then download the 5.2.1 version from evernote.com

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