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Problem: has invalid characters

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thanks for the suggestion.


the files were txt files written purely in roman characters. not that it is relevant to this case, but does evernote not support unicode anyway?


the files are only in evernote now...

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I did submit a support ticket and I am still waiting... 


there have been a few similar topics, but covering my situation where the text definitely did not have invalid characters. 


Are there no other suggestions?

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So in this heading - 


What's in the space between "4-" and "Establishment" ?


Try deleting the space (a 'tab'?) and replacing it with a couple of space-bar characters

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I am getting a similar error message when I try to title a Note including an number (e.g., "13 Nov time sheet").  I submitted Support Ticket today.


That shouldn't be giving you an invalid title. If you copy/paste you could be accidentally include a carriage return, tab or something else that isn't valid in the title and wouldn't really show up visibly. I would try typing it out by hand and seeing if it still happens

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Thanks for the reply.  I am not copying and pasting, it's a title in a brand new Note, being typed in from scratch.  The error message does not occur in the iOS Evernote app, only the web app. 


If you're on the web app, I'd try the other forum to see if they have seen the issue before. This is the Windows forum

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On 3/13/2018 at 8:39 AM, dnouvel said:

I need help. what are the invalid characters? how can I change them in bulk for text files? I have a folder of hundreds of text files.

Thanks in advance.

Hi.  If this is still an issue...

  • what's your OS & device (phone / tablet / desktop?)
  • which version of Evernote are you using?
  • what exactly is the error message you are seeing,  and what steps are you actually going through when it appears?


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