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Evernote, Web Clipping and Browser's Bookmarks

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I'm using EN for my research and now I'm saving all my bookmarks as notes in EN.


What is the problem?


When I find in Internet a useful page that I have already found in the past and saved I'm able to see a yellow star in the address bar.

But if I wish to save the page in the EN there is nothing that indicates to me the presence of the same page.


Another thing.

With EN I'm able to save a web page for life while a bookmark can be broken.

But a bookmark it is able to reflect a changed page while with a EN note I'm not able to know if in Internet the page is changed.


So, it would be useful to know if a web page (link) exists in EN (at the moment to save it in EN) and if the web page is newer or with the same date.


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And if you had 5000 pages bookmarked in Evernote, how often would you like it to check whether they were all up to date? And what will you do with the hours that it takes to do so? :)

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I'm sorry but maybe there is a misunderstanding.

I'm speaking about the new web page.

So I thought that EN first verifies if the link already exists and then, if yes, show the date or advises me if the link is new.


About the existing notes, my opinion is that EN is useful to save the contents to a certain date; but back on this note EN can report me if the original page has changed
Maybe the page has changed in insignificant mode, but in the meantime I am warned.
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Not every link in DB.


First hypothesis:

Only the link that I want to save.

In this case EN searches if exist another note with the same link.


Second hypothesis

When I open a note with a link (for a previous web clipping), EN verifies if in Internet the link is been updated

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