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How to remove image hyperlink?


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Just noticed something odd. I regularly save pages from the web, using Evernote Clipper or simply by copy-paste. Often, images have hyperlinks to some other content. I want to remove some or all of them, so I do not accidentally open web pages when browsing through the notes locally. I can do it with text links (right-click -> remove hyperlink) but not with images. There is no Remove Hyperlink menu item when image is selected.


The only way I found is to save the image, delete it from the note, and add it back in again. Not very productive if you have dozens of images in dozens of notes.


While I am at it, it would be nice to have Remove Hyperlink functionality for the selected text (so any hyperlink within the selection will be removed).

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Actually I find it a convenience to preserve the links when I clip web pages.  You may be able to exclude links by clipping to another app first,  but that also works on a note by note basis and would stop you getting the original URL of the clipped page into Evernote.  There doesn't seem to be an easy way to give the user the ability to include or exclude picture links easily..

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It is convenient to have the links preserved. However, having the ability to right-click on an image in Evernote and select "remove hyperlink" when needed, is even more convenient :-)


The problem is, there is NO way to remove the hyperlink. Even in your own note, where you simply copied small portion of content from the web and do not want to keep the link.

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Kotya, you don't understand because you don't know as much as this professionals.


I was too having similar problem, trying to create thumbnails from images and link it to the big ones but there is no option or at least in window desk version that I know.


I was desperate trying to find a solution but as always gazumped is right, he knows what is convenient for us. Here in evernote forum world, If we want to do something and there are difficulties in our way, we are always thought to ignore our goal and try to view it from another point of view, the professional way, I was so blind, thank you so much gazumped for your knowledge.

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In my opinion most Evernote users who find there is no current solution, prefer at a minimum, to get some input into possible work arounds. Especially from experienced Evernote users.

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