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Can I COPY NOTE LINK on my ipad as one can do with mac pro and paste to a list for project management?

Dion du Plessis


Hi. Welcome to the forums.


No. You cannot copy the note link. You can "copy share URL," but this makes the note public (unlikely that anyone will run into it, but it is public). 


One workaround is to create a table of contents note on your Mac for all of your notes (see the link below), sync, and then copy the links in that note when you are on your iPad. Existing links can be copy/pasted without any problem.


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10 minutes ago, JErnestGo said:

No updates to this feature yet this 2017???

Not sure exactly what you're looking for

Confirmed: the current year is 2017

Evernote have various share options that work in IOS
- An in-apt link
- A browser link

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