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Sync Dot Remains After Sync (But Syncing is Working) for PC


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I'm running client on my PC


Basically for whatever reason, certain notes that I've created are not "losing" their sync dot after I sync out of my PC.  Is anyone else having this problem?  It started like 3-4 days ago for me.

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Yep that seems to be part of a known issue that the team are working on.  I'd suggest submitting a support request (see below) in case you have other factors working,  and make sure you have a local backup of your database just in case one or more notes really aren't synced up to the server.  (Look out also for 'conflicting..' and local notebooks which aren't synced at all.)


While this is going on it's even more important to have a discipline to make sure you sync before you quit..

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Update and Apologies


I'm working with "support" (don't get me started - sadly, the experience has not been great) on another sync issue (Have notes where Tag is removed in Windows client, but, does not follow up on web or on Android).  They are going to have me "rebuild my database" (don't get me started).  Alas, I never thought about looking at All Notes and seeing if any have the Sync Dot when I answered above.  I did that, and I have four notes that, same as Jake, will not lose the dot after syncing.

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Another Update




  • The "Note Information" on this note said it "Needs to be synced."
  • The note was created in Mid February.
  • The note was updated in Late February.
  • I went in and made a minor change.
  • The "Updated" date changed to today.
  • I synced.
  • The Sync Dot disappeared and Note Information now reports that the note has been synced.


I'm using 5.2.3108 (271108) Public


Just for what it's all worth.

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Just to add 2 cents, I'm having a similar problem on old notes - I also noticed that if I edit the notes that are only headings (I'm using EN for GTD, and don't always need the body) and try to sync, the dot does not go away - but just put a full stop (period) in the body of a note or delete/add one character of a previous note with body-text, and the sync dot goes away nicely.  


After this, when editing the title of a title-only note that previously had issues, and then syncing, it behaves itself (ie the sync flag seems to clear).


Dot or no dot, my changes DO seem to be syncing to the EN servers going by the web interface, but does this mean abandoning the Windows client and just using the web until I can trust it again?



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Bah, this issue still exists, even on the latest client? Bah again! If anyone has figured out the steps to get this to happen on 5.3.0 or newer, do let me know.

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I was having sync dot persistence problems on a previous version (and unknown error at the server) but all that went away when I updated to and my syncs have been seamless since then.

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