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[Feature request] "Type anywhere" à la OneNote

Tom Aparicio


Microsoft just made its note taking application OneNote completely free. There's a brand new Mac client, finally rounding out cross-platform support which already includes Android, iOS, and of course Windows.


I think Evernote still offers much more advantages, nevertheless OneNote has more flexibility when typing notes inside.


I often clip tables and images into my notes and I would like to be able to introduce text and objects in any position and reposition them, just the way you can do it in One Note.

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I doubt it will never happen and the reason is in the internal ENML representation of notes in Evernote, which is akin to HTML. I personally hate the way OneNote works. I want a quick note-taking app, which produces consistent, clean notes by default - and fast. I do not want to fiddle around with formatting options (which mess up the markup) and moving objects around on a canvas (while losing my nerve trying to align them). Moving my hands off the keyboard to a mouse/touchpad is a hindrance and I do not have the time for it while taking notes. It is also dubious how well a free-form layout like this adjusts to different devices.


Alas, my use-case is not satisfied well by Evernote either. Rather, it's optimized for archiving web-based content. So we are kinda in the same boat. Evernote will probably never support Markdown and I don't currently have a better alternative, but you at least now have the option of actually using OneNote on a Mac!

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