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(Archived) Evernote in Outlook 2013


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Evernote touch Windows 8 and Outlook 2013. I cannot find the add-ins for it to work in Outlook. Is there an update on this? I have read some other posts that indicated a problem with this. Also, is there a problem with running both Evernote Touch and Evernote desktop together on the same computer?

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As a matter of simple paranoia I wouldn't use two versions of any software on the same computer.  I'd suggest you stick with one or the other,  and desktop has better functionality than touch at the moment.  Outlook 2013 allegedly has some problems with Evernote's email clipper,  but mine is working fine.  The desktop installation process for Evernote automatically includes the Outlook add-in if Outlook is installed..  You would have to restart your Outlook if Evernote is a recent install,  or maybe reinstall Evernote.

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That's pretty clearly stated. The 'add-in' did get installed into Outlook when I just added Evernote desktop. Thanks for the update that Evernote Touch is not quite ready yet. I have been thinking the same, so will uninstall the Windows 8 Touch version of Evernote. Cheers.

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