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can evernote record my phone conversations? If so, how?

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I was just wondering if evernote can record my phone calls so I don't have to take notes when  I am on business conversations.  I am not sure how to do it if it is possible.  I am on the free version if that makes a difference.


On a side note/question, Can I record meetings I am in with evernote as well?  They go on for more than two hours, will my Windows phone/evernote allow that?  Can I then convert the recording to text after that?

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If your tablet/ phone has a microphone and is capable of recording outside of Evernote,  you could use the Evernote app - but test it before you try it out on a 'real' customer just in case the recording function doesn't work properly for some reason.  I'd actually use third-party recording software in preference to Evernote's inbuilt feature and I'd still take some notes - you have no guarantee the recording worked until you can actually listen to it!


I'd use external software because there are note size and upload limits to bear in mind,  and you can save the recording to a file locally while you work out if that last recording will take you over any limits.  If not,  you can attach the sound file to an Evernote note exactly like any other file.  Plus you have a local backup in case someone else needs a copy...


There are services you can subscribe to for a conversion to text,  but the accuracy will depend on how good your recordings are,  so maybe again some testing would be a very good idea before you go at this full bore.

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