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Contacting Evernote Assistance

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Yesterday I ordered an Evernote Jotscript stylus pen. However, the email stated I ordered 2 pens and billed accordingly. In an attempt to make a correction, I've found it impossible to communicate with Evernote! After searching the internet, I was able to find a phone number for their billing department. You  receive a ridiculous request for information - give it a try and see what I mean 650-257-0885.

I want the order changed prior to shipping, which will save time and expense for both of us.

Does anyone know how I might go about getting to them?

Also tried their "chat" feature - but that is only available to premium customers.

To not be able to communicate on an order has to be one of the worst customer support operations I have ever experienced.


Thanks for any assistance you can provide.



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Typically for problems with Evernote software, you'd open a support request (link is in my signature). Not so sure for Evernote store products, so I'll flag this in case someone upstairs knows better.

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Generally the usual support channels in our signatures are fine for issues with Market items. Definitely submit a request. Keep in mind that Evernote support only operates weekdays and in the Pacific time zone, so today would be your first chance to contact them anyway. 

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Sorry for the delay in my response! The above responses are completely correct--Market orders can be verified by submitting a support request and it will automatically be routed to our market team to provide information on your order.

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why have i been billed for Evernote Premium when I did not order it and do not have it?  Is it possible to communicate with a human being in live chat? :wacko:

if you are not recognized as a premium user you won't have access to chat.

Submit a support ticket and make sure you select the "billing" option when selecting a category. You'll likely have to provide documentation that shows the erroneous charge.

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