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Norwegian text recognition?

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First of all: Thanks for providing such a useful tool! A lot of the material I put in my Evernote is English, and this makes is easily searchable.

However, being a Norwegian and all there's a lot of Norwegian stuff I put in my Evernote. Unless the Norwegian word is spelled like a English word (very few are), it doesn't end up being indexed (as far as I can tell).

I know only English and a handful of other languages are supported officially in this, so my question is when Norwegian will be supported? (Will it ever be supported?)

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We have done a lot of work to Internationalize Evernote over the last few months, and we have started to add support for additional languages. So far, we can handle images with text in English and Russian. We plan to add more in the future, although full support for Norwegian text may not happen soon. Image processing involves both the software to look for the images, but we also need to build a test suite of images and results to test each language to make sure it's producing good results. This unfortunately requires a lot of labor for each language to get good results.


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I wanted to say that I've noticed Evernote seem to index some Norwegian words as long as they do not use characters exclusive to Norwegian (ØÅÆ).

When proper Norwegian support implemented, will it be possible to have Evernote index both Norwegian and English in my notes, or will I have to choose only one language?

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Currently, Evernote's image processing supports English and Russian users. If your account is not configured for Russian, then it will assume English.

Our English recognition looks at each word and tries to make a list of possible matches. It will prefer matches against the English dictionary, but will also consider some matches of Latin letters and Roman numerals.

This means that Norweigen words that use Latin letters may match, but not very often unless they are in the English dictionary.

When we add support for other languages, we can re-process images from your account so that they will find both your native language and English words. (E.g. Russian users can search for Russian and English words in images).

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I'm sorry to bring back this old post, but as I'm also Norwegian I do to miss the Norwegian language support.

I see that the language support has become much better the last few years.

Are there any plans to implement support for Norwegian? At least for spell checking?


- Julian

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Hi, I second this.  


Now all the other Nordic languages are supported with spell checkers, Except Norwegian.

This request is 6 years old :(


What takes so long?


Also have opened Evernote market products for all the other Nordic countries, except Norway. I would have liked to buy the scanner from you! ;) but would then have had to proxy to any other Nordic country in my browser to be able to buy! And then make a fake address. Why is that?


Please reply?

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