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Converting photo text to computer text?

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Hi, I want to scan text found in 20 different photos I've taken of a martial arts handbook, and convert the text over to plain computer text, to store in Evernote for later studying.


I've typed a few pages on my own, but there is too much content. Is there anything that can help me do this, and for free? I'm not a business executive or anything, just a home user with a temporary need.

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Text in imaged that undergoes OCR (Optical Character Recognition) in Evernote isn't stored in a simple text stream. It's stored as discrete chunks that are guesses at what text is in what location (there may be different guesses referring to the same location). That data structure is useful for searching, and Evernote makes it possible to use it in search. On the other hand, while that text is stored in an Evernote note, it's not really available in a convenient form for cutting / pasting, and I don't know of any process in Evernote that would make it available in the way that you want it. A third-party program could generate a stream of text (I don't know of any, though) but you'd almost certainly need to hand-edit the result of such a process anyways.

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