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Hide Geographical Location within Shared Notes

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I managed to test this across the MAC & Windows platforms and a shared note that is imported into the desktop client still retains the geographical location.
Is this a concern for you as it is for me?
Remembering to turn on and off the location feature when creating notes is cumbersome. I propose a few tweaks:

  1. Ability to select multiple notes and strip the location completely.
    • Currently the only way to do this is individually–which is tedious.
  2. Ability to hide the geographical location within public notes (currently shared & future notes).
    • Think: a toggle within the application's preferences

Sidebar: The map feature is useful for travelers, particularly when returning to a location.

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We'll see! I think this is a really big deal for business users especially.... We can put in our two cents with Evernote and after that, all we can do is keep our fingers crossed! if it is going to happen, it may not be over night...

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I'm surprised nobody is talking about it more. Hopefully now that we've started this thread people will be more inclined to put in their two cents.


I did hear back from Evernote support. I had them escalate the ticket and forward it onto the developers. If you're curious as to what they had to say you can PM me.


Also, we need to be specific as to how the feature should be implemented and used. I believe many people make their voices heard, but perhaps that can be something that we as the consumers can improve on: specificity and positive solutions.

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Having been participating in a few other discussions about the location data (unrelated to hiding it), I kind of realized that perhaps just deleting the location data will produce more or less the same effect. If we are talking about a per-note setting, deleting the location data for a specific note versus flipping a switch on that note's settings is about the same labour. Granted it is not exactly the same because you lose the location data, but odds are if that location data was not to be shared, it probably wasn't important to that note in the first place. 

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The reasons you stated previously are the motivating factor for this discussion.

There is no *efficient* way to do either for multiple notes. It simply doesn't exist, yet.

Especially so for notes already shared or a shared notebook for the matter.

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This is a very important issue to me. I came here to the forums specifically because of the seriousness of this situation. I do not want this location feature turned on, at all, ever. I want the ability to turn it off for good. 


How do I remove the location from an individual note in the first place? I looked in the knowledge base, but did not see anything.. 

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On desktop or web, open the "note info" window (the i or cmd-shift-i on Mac) and delete the location information. On a mobile device, open the note, click "Show More" to display tags and location info, tap on the map, and select "Remove Pin" to remove location data. 


You can turn off this feature by denying Evernote access to your location information on your computer or mobile device. 
On iOS this can be done in Settings>Privacy>Location


On the mac System Preferences>Security and Privacy>Privacy>Location Services. 


Windows? No clue. 

Of course, Evernote, as required by both iOS and Mac OS, will have prompted you for permission to access this information in the first instance, so you must have given Evernote permission to access this information. 

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I had this disabled in all clients and at some point it was removed from the Mac client and enabled via Location Services in some strange way.  I now have hundreds (among thousands) of notes with location data I didn't add intentionally. One note from a site clipped has location data, another performed the same way seconds later from the same source has none. There's no image or other content with addresses to pull it from as happens with notes that are location tagged. Really pissed about this after going out of my way to disable it since I never use it and it is not useful to me at all. I view this latest episode as an invasion of my privacy by Evernote. And now after people complaining for years there's still no way to edit location on multiple notes. 

This is precisely the type of garbage that has me trying to migrate elsewhere. 

I'm almost ready to drop my documents into a secure file storage service. I already lost all my notebook organization on 6 years of notes when search stopped working on my account for months so I'm not sure what I'd be losing by leaving Everchoke.

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I stopped using Evernote at all after I came here to complain about this issue. I simply cannot allow the invasion of privacy this perpetuates.

You could solve the problem by denying Evernote access to your current location in your devices privacy settings. This can be done on Mac and iOS devices (and I'm sure on Android and Windows devices). 

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