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Weird Characters Appearing

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When I use keyboard shortcuts to turn italic/bold off and on, I sometimes hit some key-combinations (by mistake) that cause my keyboard to go into a very weird mode.


Strange characters appear when I press alphanumeric keys, although they don't actually get entered into the text.  :wacko:


Here's an image of an example after I pressed "g":




I've tried various Cntrl/Shift combinations to get it to switch back, but I've not found anything that works.


And I've gone into Option to reset the keyboard shortcuts, to no avail.


I find I have to re-boot my computer to get back to normality - which is frustrating  :( .


Is there a "re-enter normality" keyboard shortcut??






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Special characters can be typed by pressing number keys,  but I don't know how you'd do it from a single keypress.  What's your OS and computer manufacturer?  Are you using a third-party keyboard?

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