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Notes on new computer are not alphabetical



I just switched from a PC to a new Mac Air (which is fantastic!) and downloaded Evernote.  My notebooks are alphabetical but not my notes within a notebook.  I went to HELP and the directions were:  View >organize by categories or View > organize alphabetically.  I don't have either of these choices under view.  I am spending a lot of time looking through notebooks to find the note I need.  Fortunately, notes on my Iphone and Ipad are not scrambled and easy to find.


Can anyone help me?





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Hi - have you looked at the search options at all?  You can find notes by all sorts of parameters including tags,  words in the title,  various dates,  various sources.  Evernote doesn't provide a structure as such - it leaves you to define your own.  One option in List view however is to sort notes by title...

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I don't want to search by tags, date, title, etc.  I have 80 notes in just one notebook alone. I set a title for each one so I can (could) find it.  I can't remembr each title for every note but could if they were in alphabetical order.  Anyway that would be an extra step.   Why can I do this on my iphone and ipad and not on my mac?   

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Hi, I just got a new Macbook Air also.  In the Evernote client, you can sort notes by Title by:

  • Go to Notebook view (Click on 'Notebooks' in the left panel')
  • Select the Notebook you want to view
  • To the right of the Notebook name are three icons.  The third icon from left (square with smaller squares inside) shows view options.  Click it, then click the bottom option in the menu ('Sort by') to see various sort options.  The first option in that list is 'Title'.


This should resolve your problem.  Good luck!

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Thank you so much for the for getting back to me.  OMG, I figured this out yesterday.  I kept reading about clicking on the View tab.  I assumed it was the tab on the bar at the top of the page on the tool bar.  I didn't know that the symbol on the right of the page was a veiw icon.  Why are there two views anyway?   I am middle aged and have never taken a computer class or had any instruction so I rely on support forums to help me.  Your explaination was easy to understand and had the COMPLETE instructions.


I hope you are enjoying your new Mac Air.  I love it!  It is so easy to navigate.  I will never, ever buy a PC again.


Thanks again

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