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Feature request: open folder when saving attachments



With Android EN I cannot choose where to save attachments (only to the default dir), but a notification appears telling me a file has been locally saved.


Now, could it be possible open the download folder only by touching the notification?



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(sorry for my English)

when I download attachments from EN to my Android file system, they are saved in the default folder (I cannot choose where to save them); then I have to exit EN, launch an external application (ES Explorer for me), search the folder and only then I can edit or move saved files.


What I'm asking,  is a way to "open" that folder only by clicking on Android notification.


Cheers.  G

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I've tried a couple of ways to download a file,  but I don't get any notification that the download is complete.  There's certainly no sign in Evernote that an attachment has been saved anywhere,  so I'm pretty certain its impossible to get to that file through Evernote,  or Android - although if you're getting a notification that a file has downloaded,  try tapping and long-pressing the message to see what menus might be available...

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