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Export Handwriting to PDF for free?

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Hi there - I was an evernote user but left for awhile. I have been using Papyrus for Android on my quite some time.  I would like to resume using evernote but the problem I am having is that I simply want to export my notes in PDF to dropbox, which we use at work. In Papyrus I meet clients write the note, export to dropbox and the receptionist at my work simply moves the files to the right client folders. 


I can't seem to figure out how to do this with new handwriting support in evernote without being charged 9.99 a month. Is there another simple way or tool I can use to export to PDF without paying the 10 bucks a month? 


I would appreciate some help, and thanks in advance. 



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There's no way in Evernote to accept handwriting and output a PDF file,  but if you have a PDF editor installed somewhere you (or your receptionist) could open the Evernote note and print it to PDF.  Or you could save the notes in a shared notebook and let the receptionist open them directly.

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I think I may be speaking about something different. When I use the handwriting feature and I click the share feature it gives me the option to "convert to pdf". When I click that it says the service costs $9.99  month. Do you guys know what I mean?

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In my version of Android,  when I share a handwritten note I just get asked which one of several dozen services to share it with...  Facebook,  Dropbox etc etc...  Anything else isn't Evernote asking...

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1) Install Adobe Acrobat or some other PDF editor (Foxit).


For each open note to be saved:

2) From the Evernote File menu, select "Print".

3) When the Print dialog box appears, check "Print to Adobe PDF" (or something similar, depending on PDF editor installed).

4) Click the "Print" button.

5) When the "Save PDF File As" dialog box appears, choose your file destination.



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