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Hello everyone! 1 Query, if you please

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Thanks for having me here. 


Just feel so much indebted to the Ever Note team.


I am an avid fan of Google Drive but never thought EverNote will blow them sky-high. In the organization level that is.


I am still into GD.




I do SEO and write for key topics. I just had my EverNote downloaded days ago. 


My QUERY is this:


I SENT a NOTE to my GMAIL  via Android  just to make sure I got it backed up. Unfortunately, when I checked in on my laptop, the note is gone.


I'm sorry if this question has been asked before but here goes: DOES A NOTE GET DELETED ONCE SENT VIA EMAIL. I mean the in-house email feature from the app. 



thanks, appreciate it. 


EverNote team, KEEP ROCKING!

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No a note is not deleted when you email it. A note should only ever be deleted if you explicitly tell Evernote to delete a note.

You shouldn't need to email notes as a backup. Notes are a,ways pushed to Evernote's servers and to your other devices so there is some small protection there. Ideally your backup would be a backup of the database stored on a desktop computer.

Is it possible you deleted they note by accident, you'd be amazed at how often people post here with that issue. Check the trash notebook to see if it is there.

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