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shared notebooks resulting in unsynced notes

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I share one notebook with another, he shares a notebook with me. I have been using Evernote for about a year.  Until recently, if I had 25 notes in the notebook I shared, it showed up for him as 25 notes.  Now it shows as 25 notes in a shared notebook on my device, but on his device it comes up as 11 notes in the shared notebook and 14 in unsynced notes.  The same thing is true for the notes he shared with me - on my device they show up as split between the shared notebook and unsynced notes.  


This never happened before - what caused some of the notes to be diverted into unsynced notes?


How do I get them back into the shared notebook where I wanted them.  I want them to sync - I don't want them to be unsynced

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Can you both still see the full 25 notes?  If the user experience for both of you is still valid even if the reported exposure is incorrect you don't need to do anything urgently,  and could submit support requests (see below) to resolve the matter.  If the person you share with actually can't see the notes you wish to share,  that's a different problem.

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