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(Archived) Evernote sync error


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Recently I've encountered several times sync error, this would occurred after I restarted the PC, install evernote update, or even waked up the system from sleep.

I could get it work again only if I log out the session and log it in again. And what I found is if I logged it out, it displayed YinXiang log in panel (Yes I'm a user from CN but I don't want to create another account) but not evernote international. It seems it automatically tried to connect to YinXiang which is incorrect.

Have someone met this issue also, or if the team could try to resolve the issue.

Any suggestion is appreciated.

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"Uninstall and reinstall" is the normal suggestion for that sort of thing - please search the forums for information and suggestions on backups and your specific OS.  If that doesn't cure the issue,  raise a support ticket (see below) to register the issue and get more help.

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