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Problem with copy paste that paste the Evernote icon, not what was copied


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When I copy / paste, at times instead of pasting what was copied, the paste is the EverNote icon.  Although the copy paste didn't involve EverNote.

Using Win 7 Pro

This happens when between what was copied and pasted, another program is clicked on, such as Outlook to check a date.  

Example: copy text from word doc A, check a date in Outlook, paste to word doc B, instead of paste being the copied text, the paste is of the EverNote icon (little green elephant). 

Found others have the same issue.



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Hi - welcome to the forums.  This sounds more like a Windows issue than an Evernote one. You mention 'others have the same issue' - others in your workplace?  Another group/ forum?  I'd suggest all of you submit a support request (see below) so Evernote can try to get a handle on this.

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I have the same issue. I just copied text from a pdf into an email and I got a small evernote icon, not the text I was trying to paste. Is there a workaround for this? I'm on Windows 7 Pro. I don't have this type of issue with any other app on my machine.

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It may be connected with whether or not your file contains searchable text - ie whether it has been OCR'd.  I have no problem selecting and copying random text,  but all my files are already processed.


What email client are you using?  Gmail? Outlook?

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