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Note editing questions

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What I'm trying to do should be simple but I've not been able to figure it out by experimenting or in the Knowledge Base.


#1:  When I create an "image" (jpeg) note, how do I add text or additional images, etc. above or below that image.  I've tried clicking just above or below the image but the note doesn't seem to allow editing IE: when I click I would expect the "typing" cursor to appear at the point I click and make room below for me to type or drop in additional images.


#2:  Is there a way to rearrange PDF's or images within a single note??  Sometimes when merging or adding notes the attachments don't end up in the order I want them.  IE: I want PDF #1 to appear at the TOP of the note but it's under PDF #2 in the note.  I've tried dragging various ways but can't seem to get this to work.


Thanks in advance,

S. Wilson



PS   This is using the Windows client

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Which Evernote client? Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, web?

In the Windows client you can generally locate your cursor to the left or right of an image, and then just press the Enter key, unless there's some funky HTML formatting wrapping it up. For organizing images, I would usually do a cut/paste operation. Not sure abotu PDFs, as I don't use them for imagery in my notes -- they're just attachments to me.

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