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Feature Request: One place to log feature requests

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You have just made a request in just such a place. Evernote staff read these forums, probably most of the posts. While they may not respond, in general you can assume that if it is posted here, they are aware of it. 


Now, since Evernote does not publish their roadmap or talk openly about their plans, whether those feature requests are implemented or not will remain a mystery until we see them... or don't. 

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You can log feature requests here, or by making a support request. The forum is convenient, but some people don't really believe that Evernote reads all forum posts, plus there's the fact that they may not get feedback from Evernote folks here, so they might prefer to open a support request (you'll get a response but it may be somewhat bland). I'm sure that feature requests are garnered from other locations / forums, but the official way is via a support request, as far as I know.

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