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ios Freezing when I try to create new note on iphone

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I have problem with my iphone Evernote last couple weeks or so. I can open the app, I can view all notes, I can edit them, I can change settings BUT I can't create any new note. No such problem on other devices. The app always freeze when I tap the plus button in my notes and also when I tap on any button which create the new note - text, camera, photos, reminder or list. Then only close the app and restart helps.


My setting is: iphone 5S with 8GB free space, iOS7.1; Evernote Premium Monthly usage 732,5 KB of 1GB

I also add my app log for further info.


I've already tried: reboot, uninstall, clear the cache; uninstall+reboot+install, uninstall+reboot+install+reboot


Does anybody have any idea what can I do to make it functional again? Please help.


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Hmmm looks like you did all the troubleshooting stuff normally recommended. Have you opened up an official support ticket to seek help from Evernote staff?

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One other thing you could try if you haven't already.


Delete the app from your phone and iTunes (make sure everything you want to sync up to Evernote is sync'd first)

Reboot your phone

Download the app to iTunes

Plug your phone in and sync so the phone installs the version you just downloaded to iTunes.

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Hi, I hadn't much time but now I tried iTunes re-install but with now success.

I try the official ticket as Scott suggested...


So far I will be very glad for any other support or idea. Thanks a lot :)

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To admin - you can close this topic as everything is OK after update of Evernote.

Thanks all for help

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