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Joined public notebook doesn't sync anymore


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I've joined two public notebooks and have them synced with my local Evernote-Application (Windows) for all the time. For about 2 weeks these two notebooks are no longer synchronized.


For testing-purposes I have deleted one of them and re-joined it again. But it still doesn't synchronize. 


Any suggestions? Known problem?


Thank you for your support!



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Not a known problem AFAIK.  I recall seeing a setting in the sharing dialogue where you can opt to sync the notebooks at different times - did you set that?  (I don't have any joined notebooks at the moment - other problems!)

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I've reported the same problem, I was told that the problem has been replicated/confirmed by the evernote dev team,  however no estimate of if or when the fix will be made has been given,  I was told just to monitor new releases to see if the fix is mentioned in the release notes.  Kind of frustrating but it seem that this feature nolonger works.  

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There are apparently new releases in the pipeline,  so you may not have to wait too long - it would be impractical to try and maintain a cross-referenced list of who's waiting for which fix against the releases that go out as either Beta or Public issues,  hence the 'check release notes' suggestion.  If it's broke they will fix it - when the feature works again,  you'll know they did!

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Notebooks in question:








Both visible via web and on Android.  Neither visible on Win 7 client (271363) public.  Have synced repeatedly, while experimenting with all relevant permutations of the "Joined Notebook Properties" sync settings.  No joy, yet.

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