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This has been persistent problem for a long time and I've tried to ignore it. But I know it's real now because a note I've been referencing often simply doesn't exist. I viewed it today, closed it, and now it's in the nether. I know it doesn't exist because there is a link to it in another note, now a link to nowhere. Thankfully it remains on the online app.


Sometimes I'll open a note, then another, and suddenly the content of one has transposed to the other. Or the titles have switched. I've read similar complaints by other people on these forums.


I'm posting this publicly instead of filing report because this is a big deal.


I'm a developer and much of what I record everyday happens through Evernote. I have four years and thousands of notes here that are very important to my pathetic little existence. I've also built an app that uses Evernote as a time tracker. This bug is a critical problem for me.


You've done something special with this product, but I think - and I hope everyone who has ever used it agrees with me - you should stop working on skitch, market, penultimate, moleskin, food, clearly, peak, hello or whatever other unimportant bullshit you have going on and fix this. The OSX app is slow and broken. Or you will lose at least one potentially lifelong customer.


I know I'm only one dude paying five dollars a month. And apologize if this note is unnecessarily rude. But google apps doesn't lose notes.



If this is a "big deal" you need to submit a support ticket (see my sig.)  This is a users board - not an official support venue.

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