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Share a note (by url) restricts certain file types

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Yesterday I attached a pcap file* and PDF file to a note and sent the share url over IRC (some nerdy chat protocol) to a friend. But, I noticed that the .pcap file was not in the note on the url. Evernote seems to restrict sharing certain file types. I did not like that. Now I had to move the file to Dropbox and sent my friend the public link. Why is this? I think security reasons. But, why not revoke this restriction on premium clients?






* http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pcap

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Could you zip or otherwise put the pcap file into some sort of wrapper?  I'd imagine it was excluded because the content was too much like the transmission traffic produced by the note itself and would have precluded it being sent to the server accurately.  I'm not qualified though to comment on the technicalities and any strategy is above my (un)pay grade.  This post is fine for a feature request,  but for meaningful feedback you'll need to raise a support ticket (see below).

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