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Not all notes syncing to Surface Pro


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I have a Surface Pro running Windows 8.1 and the Evernote desktop app (not the Touch version, although I was running that too at one point).  I also have Evernote desktop running on my work computer and my home PC.


Recently after syncing my Surface I noticed that a lot of my notes are missing.  I have 2213 notes currently, but my Surface shows only around 1990 (I don't have it in front of me right now).  My work and home PC's both show 2213 notes, and so does the web client.  Only my Surface seems to be out of sync.


I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app and made sure I was using the latest version, to no avail.  I'm not sure where Evernote stores the files on the Surface, because when I reinstalled it looked like it found the old save file (it did not take long to resync the first time I ran it after reinstalling.)


Never really had this problem before.  I recently uninstalled the Touch version of Evernote, I had a thought that that might have caused a problem, but I'm really not sure.


Any ideas?

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Hi - I'm having similar problems,  though with a lot more notes (16,500) - I have 200+ notes that haven't apparently synced from my desktop and I'm just going through the process of hopefully fixing that.


I'd suggest you raise a support ticket now so you have backup in case you need it (if you're a freemium user you get attention after all us posh premium users get priority) and definitely get a backup of your database folder with Evernote closed completely.  (Tools > Options > General > Open Database Folder and File > Exit.)


Now back into Evermote and opt out of any inbound shared notebooks you're subscribed to,  empty your trash and try to sync.  Get a copy of the Activity Log (under Help) after that so you can check for details.


If sync doesn't work you need to export the unsynced notes - sort on the sync column in List view to see what notes are involved.  Get the names of each notebook they're from.  Select the first notebook and sort again.  Now select all unsynced notes and File > Export to an ENEX file (<notebook>.enex).  Repeat for each notebook.


If you have any local (unsynced) notebooks,  export those to ENEX too.


Now exit Evernote again and back to the database folder.  Move ALL the contents to another folder.  This one should be blank and empty.


Restart Evernote and wait for it to repopulate your synced database from the server.  It takes a while - 7 hours so far for me to see just under 75% of my database rebuilt.  Which is pretty fast!


Now import your ENEX files one by one and move the files back into the correct notebooks.  (You should have an option to create an UNsynced notebook with your imported notes - choose that until you're finished importing.)


Depending on the number of notes and your upload limit you may need to be cautious about putting all the imported notes in the correct folder.  They'll count as new notes and against your upload allowance.  Putting them into an unsynced folder initially allows you to manage the impact and move them across over time.


All that may sound daunting,  but it's a lot easier to do.  Take it slow and if you hit problems get some advice.  Worst case scenario of something goes wrong - you move the original contents of your database folder back into place and you're back where you were.


Health Warning:  This is my take on things and not an official Evernote fix (although those nice folks in Support have been helping me too..).  


You might prefer to go through the chat option with support or otherwise contact them see if there's any option to fix your account rather than just trying the digital equivalent of nuking it from orbit!



EDIT:  Doh!  ...And if you have any local notebooks or unsynced notes that could explain the difference in note count.  Make sure you've completed a sync - if that's still working properly - before you start messing with the WMD fixes..

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Well,  I have seen a few people commenting that Evernote on the Surface Pro is the best thing since sliced bread,  and the OP in this thread seems to have fixed the issue that popped up several months ago,  so I suggest you try the fixes I listed here - Support aren't going to be very chatty over the holiday period.  If you do need to chat,  raise a support request and get a ticket number,  then you should see the Chat option when you go back to the support link - https://evernote.com/contact/support/


Edit:  see also https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/79158-i-still-cant-get-my-surface-to-sync/#entry335040

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