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(Archived) Details for updates?


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EN on Windows 8.1 MX/Touch is improving. Updates are fairly frequent, but there is no way to know what features have been added, unless I find them by accident or on someone else's blog.


Would the team here start posting a list of what's in these updates? The same kind of list as used in Windows Desktop or iOS would be great.




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Hi - the "team here" is a user team and I'm not sure if anyone here uses the Touch interface.  The blog posts you're seeing are probably other users finding features (that may or may not be newly added) by experiment and plain old fiddling.  Most times that's how us 'experts' got the label.  If you see any blogs detailing new features it wouldn't hurt to post them here for everyone's edification,  and perhaps a few individuals will return the favour.


As to Evernote,  I think they had some problems getting the Touch app up and running,  so a lot of these updates will be stability and bug fix related - from my limited experience,  if you right-click the tile,  updates come with a 'View Details' icon bottom left which should -surprise- have more details about the content. 

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