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Handwritting and drawing.

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When I open evernote I do not see my hand writting pen? How do i use handwritting in evernote?

I can use the Penultimate but can I not use Evernote to add hand written notes and save them.

Thank you

It's helpful to specify which client you're using, when asking for help. AFAIK, the only (ONLY) EN client that has ever had ink notes is the Windows client.  In the Windows client, you can click the "new note" drop down list to create a new ink note. CTRL/SHIFT/I is the shortcut.

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I believe handwriting was just added to the Android client. However, it is not yet, as far as I know, a feature of the iOS version of Evernote. If you're using an iPad, you do have the option of using Penultimate for handwriting. 

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Thank you megsaint, for your response, actually i am using Nexus 10 > android just started using the hand witting for

Android as you mention. Although I just required the App // Penultimate and am now using this for creating hand written notes for my CompSc courses, I would rather just use the App of my Evernote>>

thank you again. 

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So what is your question? Are you trying to find out how to use handwriting on the Android? Open a note for editing, click on the paperclip icon, and select Handwriting from the menu, and you should be good to go.

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